Fully licensed cosmetologists who have graduated beauty school and receiving advanced education throughout our in house Wink University program. New, fresh talent learning on the job and being mentored by our master stylists.

Associates/ Fresh Talent
After completely our in house training programs these stylists have tested out of a series of color and haircuts graduating to our first level of pricing and beginning their cosmetology career here at Wink.

Designer 1 & 2
Seasoned professionals having at least 3+ years of experience. Fully competent with our color line and advanced color techniques. These stylists have received national and in house education and are deepening their mastery.

Junior Master
These stylists have many years of experience behind the chair and have received further advanced training and are beginning to mentor stylists in the salon.

These stylists develop trends, set salon standards and act as mentors int eh salon. With over 10 years of experience master stylists have a large customer base and log many contenting education credits. Also, they serve as the artistic team for salon based photo shoots and education trends. Master stylists are the most experienced and most expensive in the salon.

Senior Master
Adding to their mastery with affiliation a national brand and leading artistic direction of the salon. The most experienced talent in the salon. Exceeds production and professional standards.